When you picture an average Buffalo Bills fan, what do you picture in your mind?  We asked A.I. to come up with some ideas.  They were horrifying.

Artificial Intelligence is pretty incredible.  Just using what it's learned from the internet, it can come up with incredibly insightful advice, life-like pictures, and more.  When you think about it, the things we ask A.I. to do are almost comical.  It can write code and translate documents and we're asking it to make song parodies and draw pictures.

We used an AI art program in Canva called Magic Media to envision the “typical” fan for the Buffalo Bills.  It was definitely an interesting experience.

What would the average Bills fan look like?

To get our pictures, we entered sentences into a search bar like these:

"Typical Buffalo Bills fan drinking beer"

"Football fan in red, white, and blue eating Buffalo Wings." (We had to write Buffalo wings so it knew the difference)

"Female Buffalo Bills fan at Highmark Stadium"

The program then delivered picture after picture of what it imagined these fans would look like.

How were they?

They actually did a pretty good job, as long as you don't pay any attention to the extra fingers and other body parts that they added.  But I think they nailed it when you consider the age and build of the fans pictured.  We kind of cheated by adding that they would be eating wings and drinking beer, but if you're going to picture the average Bills fan, don't you have to?

While you'll see a lot of fans with face paint in the stadium, I wouldn't say the "average" fan wears face paint.  I'd guess there are a lot more that don't than the number that do.

Finally, it was interesting that every picture that the AI imagined was a male until we told it to picture a female.  I'm sure that's the main demographic, but we have a ton of female fans in Buffalo (especially since Josh Allen became our quarterback).

What do you think?  How far off was the A.I. imagined pictures to real life?

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