It actually happened. 

Six days after the Buffalo Sabres fired Don Granato, a familiar face has reentered the Sabres universe after being away for over eleven years. 

Monday afternoon, the struggling team announced that they would once again hire Lindy Ruff as head coach. Ruff, who held the position from 1997 to 2013, is the winningest coach in Sabres history, and the 5th winningest overall in the NHL. He was also the last coach of the Sabres to lead the team to the playoffs, including their 1999 Stanley Cup Finals appearance. 

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Although Ruff’s rehiring is bringing back lots of great memories for Sabres fans, GM Kevyn Adams says that nostalgia didn’t play a factor in his hiring. Rather, Adams insisted that Ruff is the “right person for the job,” and his history with the team and the city of Buffalo is “an added bonus.” 

“(Lindy) has experience, a proven track record, familiarity with young players and so much more." Kevyn Adams, Buffalo Sabres GM

However, you can’t deny that both the Sabres, their fans, and Ruff are all feeling nostalgic today - especially when you see this video released by the organization of the new head coach entering KeyBank Center for the first time since the news broke. 

Powerful Video Of Lindy Ruff At KeyBank Center

In a short video that’s sure to stir up some emotions, the Buffalo Sabres filmed Lindy Ruff arriving at KeyBank Center to get his official arena credentials. 

After going through security and taking a new picture for his ID, it looks like Ruff is ready to get to work. 

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You can watch the video from the Sabres’ X account below:

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