There aren't a lot of meaningful anniversaries for the Buffalo Bills in April, but today is the anniversary of one of the best moves they've ever made.

Believe it or not, it was a bit of a controversial move at the time.  But at this point, it's looking like it was the best move the Bills could have made.

Today, April 26th is the 6-year anniversary of the Bills acquiring Josh Allen in the NFL Draft

It was one of those drafts that people still remember.  They remember where they were.  They remember what they were doing.  They remember the way they felt when that name was called on April 26, 2018.

"With the 7th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Josh Allen, quarterback, Wyoming."

The crowd cheered.  The Bills had their franchise quarterback.

Not everyone was on board

That draft class had a bunch of quarterbacks that the Bills could have gone for.  Baker Mayfield went off the board with the first overall pick.  Sam Darnold had already been chosen by the Jets.  UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen and Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson were still there and the Bills took Josh Allen.

Everyone had their favorite and it's fair to say that Josh Allen wasn't everyone's at the time.

Warning:  NSFW language


What are we doing here?

At the end of that video you hear someone say, "What are we doing here?"

How many people said that last night when the Bills chose to trade out of the 28th pick only to move down and do it again.  Both of the teams that the Bills traded with chose wide receivers that many people mocked to the Bills.

We will see what the Bills do tonight.  Will they be able to celebrate April 26th as being the best day to draft a player for this franchise?  Or will last night's trade to the Kansas City Chiefs come back to bite them and be the biggest drop by Brandon Beane to date?

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