Josh Allen

New Josh Allen Commercial Will Give You The Chills
Three years ago today, the franchise of the Buffalo Bills changed for the better. Josh Allen was drafted by the Buffalo Bills after trading up with Tampa Bay for the 7th overall pick in the 2018 draft.
Josh Allen has become one of those franchise-changing players...
One Guy Just Got Super Lucky + Sold This To Make Tons of Money
Dang, what a pay day for one guy who had this.
One card collector had a 2018 National Treasures 1-of-1 autographed Josh Allen rookie card. He had it graded by Beckett, which is a grading company that is considered a primo place that you want to contact to get a value or official status of your c…
Bills Planning On Full Stadium This Year
Thank. Goodness.
Buffalo is the place to be right now and everyone knows it. Even the players. In fact, Buffalo Bills Center Mitch Morse took a two MILLION dollar pay cut to continue through the 2021-2022 season. Everyone is hyped after reaching the AFC Championship game last year so, nobody seemed t…

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