Can you tell the difference between different types of milk, without reading the container that it came in?  The Buffalo Bills were put to the test, and some passed.

There is more than just 2% and whole milk these days

There are a lot of different types of milk on shelves in grocery stores these days.  It used to just be 2%, skim, or whole.  Now you can get those, plus a whole lot more.  There was a funny scene in the movie "Meet The Fockers" where they were talking about all of the things that you can get milk out of now and if you've been to the grocery store it seems that way.

The Bills' social media team put the players on the team to the test

In a recent video on their social media, the Buffalo Bills were asked to test six different glasses of milk.  The choices were almond milk, 2%, half and half, skim, heavy cream, and 1%.  But to make it hard, the cups were not visible to the players, so they were going 100% on the taste and texture of the liquid they were drinking.

Some of them did really well, others, not so much

Some of the players seemed to know immediately what they were drinking.  They were like Napoleon Dynamite at the FFA convention.  Josh Allen came out swinging right away with the 1% milk.  Some of them, however, seemed to struggle.  And when I say struggle, it actually appeared as if they had never had a glass of milk to drink in their entire lives.  Did Khalil Shakir really guess 5% milk?

See the hilarious video here:

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