It was a food truck dinner for the family on Wednesday! It's not often that Chef's food truck is parked in our neck of the woods.

Actually, there were several food trucks on hand at the Eden High School and although it was cold, there were plenty of people waiting in line to get here dinner from some of Buffalo's most popular curb side eateries!

Among the several food trucks , was my wife's favorite; Chef's! It's amazing that you can get that great taste that Buffalo has enjoyed for years on Chicago Street, out of a window of a box truck!

The Eden Schools had there orchestra concert and this was a great way for people to get a bite to eat before they settled in for an evening of great music from the talented kids of the Eden School District.

Food trucks have certainly taken Western New York by storm and most recently, Liz Mantel featured a story about the Healthy Scratch food truck that offers a variety of healthy options.

I was impressed by the portion size that we got from the Chef's truck. I went with the old standby, spaghetti and meat sauce. My wife goes for the Chef's standard...spaghetti-parm. We live a few minutes from Eden and the aroma from the food made it difficult not to pull off the road and start to dine!

The weather will eventually get better and I recommend that if a food truck is parked in your neighborhood, take advantage of it and treat the family to a delicious dinner!




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