What better place for a cereal bar than a city that regularly smells like Cheerios?

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The Cereal Spot, located at 1212 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, posted about their opening date today on Facebook.


The post reads:

"We battled through Covid, Complied with NYS, Jumped through hoops with Erie County and Ripped the Red Tape right off of the City Of Buffalo! It’s Cereal Time!!! We officially open September 19th at 8am!"

The post mentions they will be offering over 70 different cereals, along with 14 ice cream flavors and cereal desserts.


And, if you guessed Buffalo's aroma was the inspiration, you'd be correct. Co-owner Eric Dacey told WKBW back in January:

 "You wake up in the morning, you go outside, and it smells like cereal."

Dancey has a lot of excitement for the project, telling Spectrum News:

“When you walk in here, we want just to drop your jaw, we want you to feel like you’re in a cartoon. Like the main feeling, I feel, is like you’re sitting at home in front of your TV on a Saturday or Sunday morning eating a bowl of cereal just having one of the best days.”

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