This hs got to be the sweetest bar in Buffalo right now. Actually, according to the Buffalo news, it's actually the highest rooftop and largest in New York besides Manhattan.

It's called Patrick's Rooftop in the 500 Pearl building and you can almost see a 360 degree view around Buffalo

What else is in the cool Pearl 500 building?

Patrick's Rooftop opened July 18 on the 13th floor of 500 Pearl – comprising the former Buffalo Christian Center and a new 12-story build – which boasts five floors of parking, the W XYZ Bar (on the upper level of the first floor), the Aloft Hotel, multiple event spaces, high-end apartments and soon-to-open Vice, a full-scale restaurant and Fresh Catch Poke", according to Buffalo News. You can find out why the bar is actually called Patrick's, too. 


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