Have you ever wanted to experience music in a whole new way?  What if the entire concert was illuminated by candles?

There is a new concert series coming to Buffalo that looks super interesting.  But make sure you read to the end.  Some people have expressed a few complaints about them.

Candlelight Concert Series Is Coming

The other day I was flipping around on the internet when I came across a video for a candlelight concert series that someone had seen in Portland.  The description said it was a concert that was illuminated by thousands of flameless candles while a string ensemble plays music from various genres.  The video said that they pick the venues that they play in for their architecture and acoustics, so even the venues are normally a little more unique.

I thought, how cool would that be?  It would be a perfect setting for a date night, or just something different to do with some friends.  I wondered if it was coming to Buffalo, and after looking around a little, I saw that it was.

The series is simply called Candlelight

I found it on a site called "FeverUp."  It's a site that is meant to "deliver a curated list of the most exciting events, things to do and to see in your city, tailored just for you."

The series will highlight music from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Halloween Music, and a Tribute to Taylor Swift.  They're all on different nights and they all look like they'll take place at 500 Pearl.

Click the various links for more info on the shows and on how to get tickets.

The reviews are not all perfect

These shows look really cool.  There are some incredibly glowing reviews (pun intended) that you can see for shows in other cities. However, the reviews weren't all perfect. As you'd expect after looking around the internet, some people had complaints.

Too Short - The first was that they were a little short for the amount of money you spend on a ticket.  They're only a little over an hour long.  So be prepared for it to be an early night.  But honestly after looking at concert tickets these days, to pay what you'll be paying for classically trained musicians, it will be well worth the price.

The View - Above I mentioned that the venues were picked due to their architecture and acoustics but not on their views.  Just because a room is really good acoustically, doesn't mean that you're going to have a good view of the orchestra.  Many of the venues aren't meant for concerts so seats are obstructed by the people in front of you. If you're going for the candlelight, you might not get to see your favorite part.

The seating is on a first come first seated basis - You will need to get there early to get the best seats.  Unfortunately, you aren't seated in a reserved seat but instead, the seats are done in zones.  It's just something that you should be aware of before you go.

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