Sweet Music Event At The Horse Stables At Knox Farm in East Auror
This is the definition of a great summer night in Western New York.
Sitting outside under the clear sky, having a beer in your hand watching live music and just chillin'. That is exactly what is going to be happening with this new live music series out at Know Farm State Park: Sunset At The Stab…
Live Country Music Returns to WNY TONIGHT!
I hate to tell you this off the bat, but unfortunately there can be no line dancing tonight.
New York State does not exactly have a specific part about line dancing, but non-social distancing activities is not exactly approved. You have to be in a chair, but if you want to finally go watch some LIVE …
This Guy Makes Shania Twain + Keith Urban Pancakes
You know when you have to go into work or school for the first time in a new setting and they ask you to tell everyone one fun fact about yourself and you dread it.
You can NEVER think of anything.
Imagine having this talent. One guy is known for being the 'pancake' guy...
3 Places To Go Get Your Live Music Fix in WNY
If you're like everyone else in Western New York, we miss our live music.
We miss concerts.
We miss going out to see our concert buddies, having beer and waking up the next morning with our voices shot and a slight hangover--they're signs of a great night...

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