On the heels of beating the Steelers on Monday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills will be back home at Highmark Stadium this weekend to take on their arch rivals: the Kansas City Chiefs

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It’s been five years since the Chiefs have stepped foot inside Highmark Stadium, which is exciting enough for Bills fans. As a fellow member of Bills Mafia, it’ll be nice to see our team finally take on our nemesis on our own turf.

But the big reason Buffalo is going crazy is because one of the most famous celebrities in the world might soon be spending some time in the Queen City...

Buffalo, New York Is In Their Taylor Swift Era

Taylor Swift Chiefs Game
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Social media in Western New York exploded when locals realized Taylor Swift could be coming to town.

The pop superstar has been spotted throughout the season at several Chiefs games, both home and away, rooting for her boyfriend Travis Kelce. And considering she's on a break from her massive Eras tour, the hype of a Taylor Swift sighting in Buffalo is at a city-wide peak.

Bills Mafia: Don’t Ban Taylor Swift’s Music - BLAST IT

Even though some Bills fans want to go so far as to  ban her music altogether before the game, we think that’s crazy.

(Besides, Pittsburgh fans called for boycotting wings before their game against the Bills, and where did that get them?)

In fact, we think Bills Mafia should do the exact opposite. We should be playing the heck out of Taylor Swift’s songs this week, and embrace them as our own. 

It’s not just because Taylor Swift’s music slaps (a legitimate reason).

There are so many of her songs that would be perfect for blasting at the tailgate to get pumped up, playing during the game to compliment the action, and sobbing along with after the Bills get the win.

The Ultimate Bills Mafia Taylor Swift Playlist

Taylor Swift Eras Tour
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Like we said, all of Taylor’s stuff is worthy of playing on repeat this week - but certain songs are perfect for playing at specific moments. 

We did the hard work for you and decided to play DJ - curating the best Bills Mafia-based playlist for fans who want to turn up Taylor Swift before the Bills/Chiefs game.

(One of them even feels like it was written specifically for Bills Mafia.  Are you ready for it?)

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