Is it tough running a small business, it has been even tougher since COVID-19 has impacted the country.

One local business in Hamburg has had enough with some of their customers. In a passionate post on their Facebook page, the owners of Eric's Cycle Works in Hamburg have called out some of their customers.

In the post, the owners stated that some customers who have dropped off their bikes to be fixed have not come back to pick up their bikes. They stated that some of the bikes have been in their workshop for years!

Of course, being a small business means that the workshop at Eric's Cycle Works isn't some massive warehouse and space is limited. The owners decided that on January 3rd, any bike that has been there longer than 30 games will either be sold at the store or sent off to a local auction house.

The business has a "Not Responsible For Goods Left Over 30 Days" policy so on the Facebook page, the owners are giving everyone one last 30 days period to come to pick up their bikes.

This could be good news for you if you are in the market for a new "used" bike. Starting on January 3rd, 2022 there could be plenty of options available for you. Eric's Cycle Works is located at 12 East Main Street in Hamburg, NY.

Check out the original post from Eric's Cycle Works that was on Facebook.

Again, if you dropped off your bike over the past couple of years at Eric's and never picked it up, you have until January 3rd, 2022 to claim your bike.

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