I’m not much of a gadget girl but a gadget/utensil like this…I could get behind.  Have you seen the new vibrating fork?  Yes it sounds funny but I have to believe this could help me stop eating so fast.  I admit like most people I eat way to fast.  This new fork can help your calorie intake, but how?

It actually vibrates if your bites are too close together.  Specialists say that it takes the stomach approximately 20 minutes before it feels full, which if you think about is a pretty long time.  Think of how many bites or helpings you could mow down on in that time.  This new fork will help remind you that you’re taking too many bites and eating fast by vibrating in your hand.  Now I’m not saying I’d carrying this around with me to restaurants but I am willing to try it at home.  Only problem now is the fork isn’t due for release for a few months. Take a look at the vibrating fork in action.

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