Carrie Underwood slipped past Kix Brooks last week on The Friday Night Fight with 69% of the votes.  She's back again to defend her title with "Blown Away".  But in order to keep her title as champ, she'll have to be able to hold off Tim McGraw with his new song "Truck Yeah".  It's Friday Night.  Let's get it on!

Carrie Underwood -- Blown Away

Tim McGraw -- Truck Yeah

VOTE for your favorite by:

  • Calling (716) 644-WYRK or 1-800-696-WYRK AFTER BOTH SONGS HAVE PLAYED tonight at 8pm (ET).
  • You can text the AT& T textline at (716) 393-0213 too (be sure to leave your name and where you’re calling from **one text message vote will be counted per number**)
  • Or you can vote below!

However you choose to do it, get your vote in and I’ll play the winner again before 9pm.


After adding the poll results to the phone calls, facebook, twitter and texts, Carrie walked away with this one.  She took in 74% of the votes.  The majority of them came online. 

Friday Night Fight results 7-12-12

Carrie will be back again next friday against a brand new challenger.  Tell your friends and get ready to vote!

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