In this modern day and age, we all know that dads can do everything just as well as moms can do (except breastfeed) and therefore are perfectly capable of taking care of babies. However, if you happen to be Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher, there is one thing you cannot do as well as your wife, and your son will be perfectly willing to point that out.

Underwood posted a hilarious video to social media Saturday (June 22) showing Fisher attempting to calm down infant son Jacob with a little rendition of Vince Gill's sweet ballad "I Still Believe in You."

Jacob stares at his father as if in pain, then bursts into tears. Making it even more hysterical, Underwood joins in with the song. As soon as she starts singing, Jacob turns his head to her and is all smiles. But when Fisher tries again, the baby wails in protest. "Everyone's a critic," Underwood jokes in the post.

"The real reason is he was hungry and wanted your food. #notmysinging," protested Fisher in the comments. He has a point: We did mention dads can't breastfeed, right?

Many fans took Fisher's side on this, commenting that they didn't think the former NHL star's voice sounded rotten enough to make a baby cry. "Maybe I need my ears checked but you didn’t sound that bad to me," noted one fan, adding that (of course) Underwood is better. "How does one compete with her lullabies?!?!" comforted another fan.

While Fisher isn't going to be taking his wife for a ride anytime soon in terms of vocal prowess, he does deserve some credit. After all, he did once manage to impress none less than Garth Brooks with his vocals, even joining the legend for an impromptu version of "The River," which caused his wife to angrily protest, "You cannot sing with Garth Brooks before I do!"

It must just run in the family, right? Let's see how baby Jacob and big brother Isaiah (4) shape up in the pipes department as they get older. One thing's for sure, we know Jacob has a lot of lung power!

Underwood is currently on the road or her 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360. Carrie Underwood tickets are available for the upcoming dates.

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