Brad Paisley has recorded a song for the ‘Cars 2’ movie soundtrack and from what I hear it’s a duet with British pop singer Robbie Williams.  The reports the new movie hits theaters on June 24th and the soundtrack is available now on Walt Disney Records

‘Cars 2’ is the sequel to the 2006 hit ‘Cars’.

I liked the first ‘Cars’ movie and look forward to seeing the new one, the fact that Brad has a song in the movie will be an extra treat.

Pixar, in my opinion is the film company to beat when it comes to animation.  Every film made by Pixar is incredible to watch, the animation is so real giving the characters a life of their own. I have to say the ‘Toy Story’ movies are my favorite.  A couple weeks ago one of the movie networks did a ‘Toy Story’ marathon and I was glued to my TV that night and I absolutely loved it.  You forget that the characters are animated and think of them as real people, amazing if you ask me.

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