The COVID-19 vaccine has just been approved for use here in the United States and the first doses have begun being rolled out. One Buffalo pizzeria is so excited they're offering a huge discount for people who have already gotten it.

The first person to be vaccinated in New York State was an ICU nurse in Queens. The availability of the vaccine will be small in the beginning, and will only be administered to the most vulnerable people first. That includes those who are elderly and first responders.

While some are hesitant to take the vaccine for now, others are stepping up to be some of the first to receive it. According to WKBW, one local pizzeria is hoping to say thanks to people who are first in line. Casa Di Pizza on Mohawk Street in Buffalo is going to offer a 50% discount for people who have already gotten the vaccine. They're going to ask you to bring your vaccine card to prove that you've already received it. Obviously, all you have to show is the top of the card to get the discount. They will not ask to see any personal information on the card.

The owner of Casa Di Pizza says that the discount "is designed as a thank you to first responders and health care workers for their work throughout the pandemic and for getting the vaccine first." He says they are "just so happy the vaccine is coming out. We're really excited to be moving forward."


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