SpringFest has been happening all month long at Lowe's and you are going to want to take advantage of everything that they are going to give you for FREE. From butterfly sanctuaries to gardens, there are some nice free things that Lowe's will be giving you every Thursday, and this week--Lowe's is giving over a half million saplings to be perfectly times up with Earth Day, which is this Thursday, April 22, 2021!

Now, you have to get there early because it is only while supplies last, of course. Lowe's realizes that the pandemic has kept people inside of their homes more than they normally would, so they want to help you transform your house. They are giving families free curbside Garden-to-Go project kits which incudes seeds and more

Here are what the remaining 2 giveaways will be, first come, first serve at your local Lowe's:

April 22: 500,000 tree saplings given out in honor of Earth Day.
April 29: Lowe's Butterfly Quest which helps families create a butterfly garden.

Many of you in the Western New York area are getting saplings from Erie County's program that you ordered. People in the area order thousands of trees and this year's pick up is in Hamburg at the Fairgrounds this Saturday, the 24th! If you are looking for a family friendly event to participate or, maybe simply teach the kids about Earth Day and all of the benefits that the day brings, you can check out the list of events here!

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