There is no city in America that is more proud of their town than Buffalo, NY. We love living here and everything that comes along with it. The food. The people. The Bills and Sabres. Nothing replicates growing up in Western New York.

However, we also love when celebrities come to visit Western New York. We also love when local athletes for the Bills and Sabres spend a lot of time in Buffalo and even make it their home after they're done playing.

There have been a few movies filmed recently in Buffalo and there's even talk of more movies (big-time films, too) being shot in Buffalo and Western New York over the next months and years. People have already had encounters with celebrities in Buffalo recently and there are a few people you're more likely to have an encounter with recently and in the near future.

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I'll never forget the stories my dad used to tell me when John Candy and Steve Martin were in town to film Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of them and even some stories of people running into John Candy back then.

As for now? Here are some of the celebrities you're most likely to encounter in Buffalo.

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