Get ready for a big gasp!!!!! heeeeeh!!! Justin Beiber is losing Twitter fans.   Hollywood reports that the teen pop star is down....80-thousand followers.  Why???  The reason is unknown, but speculation is because he cut the infamous "lego hairdo"

American Idol fans will have a new way to vote......take a guess....ONLINE!!  Wooo!! reports that voters will be able to cast a vote via Facebook.  Fans will be able to vote a max of 50 times during the telecast's specific voting period.

84-year-old Hugh Hefner and his 24-year-old bride-to-be Crystal Harris have set a date for their wedding!  The big day is Saturday, June 18th.  Guess where it's being held???.....the Playboy mansion.  I mean c'mon Hef, couldn't you have picked somewhere nicer than your

In sad news....Justin Tennison, a crew member on the Deadliest Catch's F/V Time Bandit, was found dead in an Alaska hotel room on Tuesday.  According to TMZ, police found the 33-year-old laying in the room unresponsive.  A search of the room turned up several bottles of alcohol and a small amount of weed.