Everyone in Western New York knows a spot or two where your cell phone struggles. You know what I'm talking about. It goes down to one bar, takes forever to load things and just seems like it is not working properly.

But, did anyone else have this problem yesterday? There was an outage.

Yesterday there were so many people that were posted on social media that didn't have cell phone service in the Lancaster area. The outage happened apparently about 5-5:30 PM, but it caused a lot of complaining Facebook posts.

Until you realized that it is a cell phone outage, you might have just thought it was your phone that was dropping the calls. You were certainly not alone.

In fact, did you know that just a few years ago, Erie County had the SECOND highest dead-zone areas for cell phones in all of New York State? The study, which was done a few years back noted that there are over 4,000 cell phone dead zones.

  • In Western New York, there were 733 reported dead zones.
  • In Central New York, there were 407 reported dead zones.
  • In the Rochester-Finger Lakes Region, there were 440 reported dead zones.

Since then, New York State has tried to fix the problem and improve, but there are still some pockets that just have horrible service. Erie County specifically, has made improvements, especially in the downtown areas.

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