I feel like I might now be officially a Western New Yorker! I had might first fish fry AND went to maple weekends this past weekend. I know we had maple trees and pure maple syrup in Ohio but "Maple Weekends" was definitely not a thing. With so many suggestions on where to go I just left it up to the group that knew the area. We went to Merle Maple Farm and it was delightful! You can tell they're one of the top maple farms in the are just on the amount of people that were there. When Clay told me that you can get pretty much anything maple I didn't realize exactly what he meant! I think the maple ingredient I am most excited to try is the maple bbq sauce! Pulled pork is for sure happening this week!

The thing that I liked most about my visit was the family feeling! Everybody there was somehow related to a Merle. I love the "all hands on deck" mentality! Our tour guide was the father-in-law of Merle and our wagon tour guide was a 5th generation Merle, it really is all in the family. AND of course the fact that Florence Merle, who is a young 102, was still there to watch over the whole production was absolutely amazing!

From the wagon ride to the shop everything was worth the wait! I will say I was completely mapled out by the time we left and that's a good thing! They offer sample for practically every item they have for sale! I look forward to making the trek out to Attica again next year, even if it's only for the bbq sauce!

Check out everything that Merle Maple Farm has to offer at merlemaple.com and on their Facebook page!

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