The Most Expensive House in Lancaster Right Now [PICTURES]
If you are looking to move and have 20 jobs you could probably try and move into this baby. The 3 bed, 3 bath home is 4,600 square feet big and will run someone about $1.1 million.
6435 Genesee St, Lancaster, NY 14086
Located atop a private, hillside lot this meticulously-constructed contemporary…
What Does Dolly Parton's Husband Look Like?
"It's a touchy subject."
When Dolly Parton is performing a melody of hits during a wonderful tribute to herself at the Grammy's, I wonder if her husband is sleeping, because it seems he is super protective, but not her biggest fan.
What a unique, almost strange relatio…
Genius Invention To Get Your Dog To Look At The Camera
Genius!!! You know if you have a dog it's never easy to get them to look at the camera.
This new contraption is a ball holder than clips to the top of your phone and gets your dogs attention. My only concern is....will it be a problem for them to sit still...
Look Who's Back In Buffalo A Year Later
He's a well known world traveler, cookie connoisseur, and loved by people of all ages! After being away for about a year running his northern located toy company, which has also been voted as a number one place to work next to Wegmans, WNY can celebrate the return of this holly jolly man...
Liz Mantel's Maple Weekend Photos
I feel like I might now be officially a Western New Yorker! I had might first fish fry AND went to maple weekends this past weekend. I know we had maple trees and pure maple syrup in Ohio but "Maple Weekends" was definitely not a thing. With so many suggestions on where to go I jus…
Clinton In Depew
Bill Clinton made an appearance here in Western New York on Tuesday to campaign for his wife and Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.
During his 45-minute speech, about 850 supporters stood in front of him at the Grapevine Banquet Hall on Dick and George Urban in Depew...

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