"It's a touchy subject."

When Dolly Parton is performing a melody of hits during a wonderful tribute to herself at the Grammy's, I wonder if her husband is sleeping, because it seems he is super protective, but not her biggest fan.

What a unique, almost strange relationship the two have.

Or is it.

Maybe it's the best actually. At least for them.

Who is Dolly Parton's husband? You can google it, but it's hard to find pictures that are ACTUALLY him.

Dolly's been married to her guy, Carl since May 1966. That's nearly 53 years. He's 76 and she's 73.

But, Carl doesn't like being in the spotlight. In fact, he doesn't like the spotlight at all. In fact he rarely goes to her performances: "Usually if I'm playing at state fairs--he loves to go to the fair and go to the tractor pull, go to the stockyards and do all that."

Then Dolly was asked about what kind of music he likes? "He's not necessarily my biggest fan". He actually likes rock music more.

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