What Does Dolly Parton's Husband Look Like?
"It's a touchy subject."
When Dolly Parton is performing a melody of hits during a wonderful tribute to herself at the Grammy's, I wonder if her husband is sleeping, because it seems he is super protective, but not her biggest fan.
What a unique, almost strange relatio…
Cheating Wife
Have you ever been cheated on in your life? Or do you know anyone who's been cheated on?
husband gets revenge
Well, this husband got a little unpleasant surprise when his wife, Becky, left a certain website up. When he finds out that she just may be cheating -- or, at least, is about to be -- he gets some great revenge that may be better than saying anything to her at all.
Did you see the video that was posted yesterday where the wife was having difficulty figuring out the meaning of MPH or Miles Per Hour? Many folks feel her husband is an insensitive clod who needs a good slap in the head. The woman is this video has made her own response to yesterday's video.