Football season is about to begin and the NFL champions are showing off their new rings!

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The fans of the Kansas City Chiefs waited decades for a championship to celebrate and much like fans of the Buffalo Bills would do, they are haven't stopped celebrating the win!

The Chiefs revealed the rings that they have been given to wear to honor the big win.

The fall is going to be an interesting time for football fans. The season is about to begin and most of the stadiums will not have fans in the stands. Buffalo is one of the stadiums that will have an empty stadium for at least the first two home games. The game that we are all looking forward to with hope is the Thursday night game against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 15th! There is still hope that by then , there will be a new policy here in New York and that fans will be allowed to be in attendance.

As we wait to see what is going to happen, players and staff are ready for the first week of games. There is a good buzz surrounding the Buffalo Bills. Not only is Josh Allen looking strong at training camp, he has a good corps of receivers to throw to!

The first home game in Buffalo is scheduled for September 13th.

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