These days, just about everyone is wearing facemasks to protect themselves and others from COVID19.  So if you're going to wear them, you might as well be in style!

Check out these sweet masks from a local small business called Buffalo Seamery.

They make everything from masks to leggings and they have sizes to fit everyone from adults to newborns and everything in between!

Small business has been working hard to keep afloat and any help is certainly appreciated.

**Unfortunately these masks are currently sold out.  As you can imagine, between the masks that she is selling and the ones that she is donating to health care workers, these are flying off the shelves as quickly as they are being sewn.  But there will be more coming!  She is updating her website as soon as the masks become available.  Please just check there to see when a new batch is available.  The owner asks that you do not email as it is taking a lot of time away to answer those emails that could be used to sew new masks.**


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