The Shamrock Run is a great tradition and it continues this year with some of the best gear a race can offer in a pandemic.


In an email/press release sent to us, the organizers displayed the garment that you will get for signing up this year! Yes, things may be different than the races you have run in the past. But the Shamrock Run never fails to have some of the best swag in Buffalo racing! This year is another beauty.

The Shamrock Run was one of the first races I have ever run and it is not only a great course, but, in the past, has been one of the best parties! If you want to run in person, there is a waiting list that you can sign up for. If not, the virtual run is also a great way to take part!

Since the pandemic began, people have gone one of two ways. Either you are just not as active as you might have been before 2020, or you are running more and exercising more than ever! This is a great race to look forward to and continue that streak of hard work in to 2021!

The weather sure has not been great for being outside too long these days. Temperatures have barely made it in to the 20's and there does not seem to be any warm weather or above freezing temperatures for at least the next week. However, I still see the dedicated runners on the streets each day! I love running but I have a hard time when it gets bitterly cold. Hats off to those of you who are able to power through and stay with it in the winter months!

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