Disclaimer: The Chef’s On The Go location at 5483 Sheridan Dr, Williamsville, NY will be the one referenced in the article. 

Chef’s is the mastermind behind the best spaghetti parm you ever had and the most delicious homemade sauce you will ever find. It is dubbed “Buffalo’s Favorite Italian Restaurant,” and naturally it makes sense to have a craving for their world famous food every now and then, even if you just want to order take-out. 

Unfortunately, the Chef’s On The Go location has now closed until further notice.

While it says on their website for the “on the go” location that they will be closed “until further notice,” one server at the original Chef’s location in Buffalo said it seemed unlikely that the Chef’s On The Go location would open up again anytime soon, as the original location has been focused on trying to draw in customers for a while now. 

You can still place an order for carry out at the original Chef’s location at 291 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY, and if you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I can’t remember the last time I had Chef’s,” maybe today is that day to order Chef’s spaghetti parm or another one of their favorite dishes. 

Support your favorite local businesses to ensure their future in Western New York, because I don’t know what Western New York will do if we lose our last-standing Chef’s location.

Read more about local businesses and aid: New Small Business Grant Program is Available from Erie County 

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