Maybe I'm the only one around that actually liked Fazoli's fast-food pasta and pizza franchise chain.  They had a couple of locations here in the Buffalo area before closing about....what???...20 years ago?  I liked it because it was quick, you didn't have to deal with a waiter or waitress and the obligation to pay a tip.  It wasn't the best Italian food I've ever had, but it wasn't bad.

Well, now all the things I liked about Fazoli's, but now with absolutely great Italian food will be opening in September in Williamsville with the first of what the owner says will be a chain of fast-serve Chef's Restaurants.  The new 5483 Sheridan Drive Chef's location will feature all of the menu items of their original restaurant, but it will served over the counter along with a drive-thru window.  You can eat there or take your food to go.  There will be no servers.

Owner Lou Billitier says the new location will be open Monday thru Saturday 11 am to 9 pm.  Closed on Sundays.

They have a special promotion for their opening.  The first 100 people in line will get their meal for free.  And one of the first 100 will get a free meal everyday for the rest of their lives.

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