Do you ever get chicken fingers or nuggets and get a funny-looking one? You know, maybe two that are sandwiched together or look deformed? It seems simple but I always get a kick out of it.

They usually all taste the same but I'm convinced this particular chicken finger would taste even better than normal, and that's saying something because it comes from one of the best places for food in Western New York.

I saw this on Twitter the other day of a chicken finger that was made at Bar-Bill in East Aurora and my goodness, it does look like the Buffalo Bills logo!

I mean, seriously, tell me that's NOT the Bills logo? It's literally a Buffalo that's charging!

Bar-Bill Tavern agrees.

If you've been to Bar-Bill a few times then you likely know one of their secrets to have such great wings and fingers. They paint on the sauces, rather than shake the wings or fingers in the sauce. I'm not sure what the ultimate fate of this particular finger was, but considering a Buffalo Bills chicken nugget was going for $716 online (get it?), then this surely could go for even more.

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Two things are for certain after looking at that photo: I'm ready for the Bills 2021 regular season to begin, and I'm very much hungry for chicken fingers (or wings).

Go Bills!

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