It feels like Mother Nature hasn't let up since mid-November, across the Midwest and northeast. Snow, rain and wind have been the story for the last four weeks, as we have faced what is one of the coldest and snowiest holiday seasons in recent memory.

New York State, especially those off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, just dealt with more snow this past week, which saw amounts anywhere from a few inches to a few feet.

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If you're looking for a white Christmas in 2022, you're in luck. Mother Nature has at least one more trick up her sleeve.

There's a winter storm brewing up for the Midwest and northeast, which will cause havoc for many looking to travel out of state for the Christmas holiday. Even local travel may be quite difficult in this potential storm, which looks likely at this point.

Heavy snow will be accompanied by a rapid drop in temperature and the winds will be the biggest problem. The combination of snow and wind in New York will create blizzard conditions, with the track of the storm being between December 22nd and Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day will see extremely cold temperatures, with potential for lake effect snows.

The early forecasts are still too young to give exact snow totals, but the models looks scary.

While this likely won't hold true for exact snow totals, Friday in Buffalo is calling for 5-8 inches of snow, with 25-35 mph sustained winds; which would cause nearly impossible driving conditions.

This storm will also cause heavy rain and winds for states who won't get cold enough for snowfall, but coastal flooding and a mass delay in flights will cause a nightmare for holiday travelers.

If you need to get shopping and other holiday preparations done this week, do it before Thursday. Both the 22nd and 23rd look very bad.

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