It has been over three weeks since Chuck Wicks and members of the America's Morning Show were involved in a car accident that lead to the singer being hospitalized, but Wicks returned to the air on Thursday (March 22).

In a video posted to Facebook, fellow co-host Ty Bentli shared with viewers how they safe-proofed the studio for Wicks' return.

"We set his area up so it's especially safe after the car accident," Bentli says as cameras pan to Wicks' desk area, which is covered completely in bubble wrap. "We thought you'd feel a little bit safer this way, man."

As Wicks inspects his new desk, he stares at the camera and deadpans, "Just so you know I can't make any ... I'm on- directional. That's my boy band name, One Directional." Wicks is a in a neck brace and can't move his head in any set direction too quickly.

While traveling to Mardi Gras on Feb. 27, a car containing all three America's Morning Show hosts and their producer, Glenn Johnson, flipped over at least twice and landed in water. They were transported by ambulance to a hospital in Hattiesburg, Miss., and while Bentli, Kelly Ford and Johnson were released, Wicks was held overnight.

Wicks was told he was lucky to be walking and talking — he suffered a skull fracture and a cervical vertebrae fracture in the C2 region, according to emergency room doctors.

“What does this mean? It means I’m lucky I’m alive and not paralyzed,” Wicks shared after the accident. “Good news. I’m not. I will however be wearing a Neck Brace for about three months with a lot of discomfort for awhile."

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