When tragedy strikes, you often get to see the true colors of people.  If that's the case, then Cincinnati looks to have an incredible city of people.

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Monday night, the Buffalo Bills took on the Cincinnati Bengals in what was one of the most anticipated regular season matchups of the year. All eyes were on this game because it was two of the best teams in the league and there were major playoff implications.  The crowd was loud.  The atmosphere was pretty electric.

However, the game took a terrifying turn part of the way through the first quarter when Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest.  He took a hit on the Bengals' second drive of the game and collapsed.  He was treated on the field for almost 25 minutes as emergency services rushed to save his life.

In what many believe is a world of self-centered, entitled people who only think of themselves, Bengals fans shined through.  They proved that there are bigger things than a game and should be commended for showing their human side.

There were multiple occasions where they displayed empathy and concern.  Here are just a few that stood out:

1.  Supporters Join For Candle Light Vigil

Both Bengals and Bills fans joined together at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to hold a candle light vigil for Hamlin as he underwent tests and received treatment at the hospital.

2.  The City Is Lit Up To Support The Bills (Including their own stadium)

Buildings across the city of Cincinnati were lit up immediately in red, white and blue (the Bills' colors) to support Hamlin and wish him well in his recovery.

3.  This Fan

You may have seen this guy waiting in the stadium after last night's broadcast had ended at the field. It's easy to "hate" on another team when they're in your building.  It's extremely classy to see past all of that when there are more important things going on and see it from a human perspective instead.


There are plenty more that we didn't even get to see.  In a world where we see so much bad news all the time, it should be pointed out and emphasized when a fan base proves to be better than most.  Thank you for your compassion Cincinnati.

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