You might've heard recently about a story involving a pedestrian who was left with serious injuries after a hit and run near the corner of South Division and Elm Street on January 5.

Incidents like this are all too common in our society, especially during the winter months when visibility and road conditions are less than ideal for both drivers and pedestrians.

That's why I decided to talk to Rich Barnes at The Barnes Firm - One of America’s Largest Injury Law Firms - right here in Buffalo. Here's what he had to say about the issue of hit and runs:

Defensive driving, something we've all heard about since the time we were young, is an important concept. Watching your speed, maintaining the proper distance, avoiding distractions; these are all things we have to be mindful of as a driver. As a pedestrian, the same rules apply from a different perspective. We just have to be more careful. Children are waiting for school buses now and kids will be kids. Drivers have to be more than vigilant if they're in a neighborhood where they know that there are kids getting on and off buses. It really boils down to just being extra cautious given the weather conditions.

I also asked Rich about what people should do if they ever find themselves in a pedestrian-involved accident:

Not only is there a moral responsibility to stop if you're involved in an accident where you strike a pedestrian, but it's also the law. The consequences of not doing so can be very serious to a driver. The best thing to do is to stop, make a determination of the injuries, and to contact medical authorities and law enforcement to help deal with the situation. It's not something that's just going to go away.

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