Trent Tomlinson is coming to Hamburg for a special happy hour performance at The Armor Inn. In 2012, I took a mini road trip to see Trent Tomlinson play in Hannibal, NY.

This was the Hannibal Fire Co. annual picnic and Trent was playing at 7 and 10 pm show. The two shows were very different in that the earlier show was more of a “Grand Ole Opry” style show. It was a bit more relaxed and “traditional.” The 10 o’clock show was a bit more rowdy and full of surprises. The later set even included Trent’s version of ‘Purple Rain.”

If you Google an artist, you can read their bio’s, see pictures even listen to some of their songs. But it wasn’t until I sat across from Trent on his bus that I learned what he is all about. .

Sitting on the bus between shows, we talked about the state of today’s Country Music, sipped a few beers and listened to some stuff that he has been working on. This was the first time an artist was so open about past relationships, his childhood and his love for music. Just listening to him talk about some of the break ups and broken hearts in his past, it was clear to me that the lyrics in his songs come directly from his heart. Trent Tomlinson has written over 1,600 songs. Some have been recorded by Sara Evans, Montgomery Gentry and others. He even wrote a song that I have listened to a thousand times and just found out he wrote “Why Can’t I Leave Her Alone”  an album cut done by George Strait.

After hanging out to watch his late set, I left with a new appreciation for one heck of a talented guy. Trent is what most singer/songwriters hope to be. Pure, simple and simply understood. He doesn’t try to impress anyone with cliché rhymes or cookie cutter story lines. When you listen/watch Trent perform you get the real deal. This guy is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent and most importantly, Trent Tomlinson is as country as it gets.

Don't miss Trent Tomlinson at The Armor Inn and Tap Room this Wednesday! Dale, Liz and I will be doing the afternoon show that day leading up to Trent's performance!

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