Did you get the sled out yet? The trails are open!

Depending on where you ride, snowmobile clubs have opened their trails (check for updates on club's websites). Headed out today or this week? Here are a few places you may want to stop.

I ride mostly south of Buffalo. That is generally where the snow is. However, there are plenty of places north of the city that have also gotten enough snow.

  1. Byrncliff Resort in Varysburg
  2. South Dayton Hotel in South Dayton
  3. East Eden Tavern
  4. Schunk's in East Eden
  5. Wales Center Hotel
  6. Fitzy's Bar in Chaffee
  7. Zoar Valley Tavern
  8. Route 78 Pub in Strykersville
  9. Last Run in Glenwood
  10. Smokey's in Java Center

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