Prom season is almost here in Western New York and if you are looking for a creative way or some inspiration for that "promposal," here are a few that may be just right to get the job done!

It is one of those moments in a guy's high school career that is both exciting and  gives you the jitters. Asking a girl to prom has become even more difficult these days because the bar has been set high for the way in which you ask your potential date.

In 2017, it's all about the set-up. Flowers, a theme or even a muddied up truck with the request written on the side are just a few of the must haves. And don't forget to get that camera out! You'll need to capture the reaction!

When I went to high school, I remember being nervous to ask my dates (junior prom 1994 and senior prom 1995) to join me for the prom. Believe it or not, I was never that outgoing in my teenage years and certainly wasn't all that smooth around the ladies. But by some stroke of luck, Erika (1994) and Valerie (1995) accepted my offer!

Back in those days (sounds like forever ago) a simple conversation after class could be enough! Not anymore.

One thing I remember about prom was the post party. I won a radio that also had a CD player AND a cassette player!! It was on that cassette player that I recorded my first audition tape and 22 years later...I am still here at WYRK!

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