Coca-Cola plans to take a squirt on its competition, as the company recently announced a new product that will require only a few drops to get a thirsty population on the fast track to flavor town.

In the next couple of weeks, consumers can expect to see something called Dasani Drops, which is essentially fruit flavoring intended to be mixed with water to provide people with a tasty, thirst-quenching alternative to sodas and, well, plain old water.

John Roddy, vice president of Coca-Cola’s water, tea and coffee business in North America, says he believes their latest product will eventually go beyond flavored waters, crossing over into flavored tea.

However, Coca-Cola did not actually pioneer this idea. Kraft Foods released their MiO in March of last year, which was well received and has spurred an outbreak of similar versions. That does not seem to bother Coca-Cola, which plans to sweep in and lay claim to the new category with Dasani Drops.

Four flavors of Dasani Drops are expected to be on the grocery- and convenience-store shelves sometime around the first week of October and will cost about four dollars.

Industry experts are curious as to how Coca-Cola’s new flavor drops will affect the sales of their other products—including Dasani water, which reportedly experienced a 13 percent increase during the first part of the year.


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