Can we all say thank you to a man named John Pemberton for his contributions to society.  John is the inventor of Coca-Cola.  All the way back in 1886, John was in his Atlanta backyard mixing up a formula that was intended to cure hangovers, headaches and all of that good stuff. What John Pemberton made was Coca-Cola!  Where would we be in today's society without it.  Think about it, Jack & ____, Rum & ____!  Coca-Cola has not only been a great partner with all different kinds of liquor, but it's also that beverage you order with a burger and fries (unless they serve milkshakes).  With all of this are a few more interesting facts and tidbits about Coca Cola......

The drink had a trace of cocaine in it until 1904

Roughly 12-million gallons are consumed on a daily basis.  That sounds crazy, but it's true!

The original color of Coca-Cola was green.  Eecch... thank god they changed that.  Green liquid just doesn't sound appetizing

Coca- Cola is one of the three top brand names on earth.....the other two--Marlboro & Budweiser-----------You would have thought McDonald's...right?

We gotta ask the age old question: Coke or Pepsi? TAKE OUR POLL


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