We're just over one week away from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Now is the time when the panic begins to set in for those looking to finish up holiday shopping and start making those last-minute preparations for the holiday parties that are soon going to happen.

Knowing what weather to expect for the holidays is something everyone wants to know. "Will we get a white Christmas?" "Will there be any snow or even warmer than usual temperatures?"

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This December has featured colder temperatures than recent years and that will not change, as we head into next week.

Most of New York State is basically guaranteed to get a white Christmas, with lake effect snow warnings in effect for Western New York and in Central New York, off Lake Ontario.

The temperatures will only peak out in the 20's and low 30's next week and for the 23rd, we could see another significant snowfall for regions in the state, with bitterly cold temperatures for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

AccuWeather is forecasting what is expected to be the coldest Christmas for the Midwest and Northeast in "decades"...

Temperatures will be in the teens or 20's for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with wind chills potentially even colder.

For places like Chicago, highs could be in the teens and wind chills in the negatives.

The threat of more snow is a storyline as we get closer to Christmas too. We know many will get a healthy amount of snow this weekend, but next week will feature even more snow.

It's going to feel like the Christmas carols we sing every holiday season; "Sleigh Ride" may be a reality this year on Christmas Day.

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