There is a petition circulating that is asking for the removal or name change of a monument/statue in Buffalo.

The goal of the petition is to reach 1,000 signatures and as of the time this article was published, less than 300 had attached their name to it.

The current culture and atmosphere in the United States is rough to say the least. It was just announced this week that an announcer from ESPN named Robert Lee was removed from doing an upcoming broadcast because his name was the same as General Lee of the Confederate States. The announcer is of Asian decent.

Here is a look at what the petition in Buffalo is asking:

...we call for the City of Buffalo to change the name of Columbus Park and to remove the monument that now stands there in honor of Christopher Columbus. Columbus did not "discover" anything - the Americas were inhabited by a great diversity of people and cultures. Instead, Columbus established the beachhead for ruthless conquest and settler colonialism and inaugurated the genocidal devastation of whole continents. Many millions of people lived in the Western Hemisphere before the arrival of Columbus, untold numbers of them killed by disease. But disease was not the only, nor the cruelest, of the demons that arrived with Columbus.





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