While the Patriots did what they usually do when they reach the Super Bowl and the halftime show might have been one of the worst I can remember the saving grace on Sunday might have been the commercials.  How did we get to the point that commercials gain some attention?

Well, here in no particular order are what I thought were Sunday's best commercials, but my favorite of them all was Jason Bateman as the elevator operator in the Hyundai Shopper's Assurance commercial.  What a hoot.


  • Hyundai - Shopper Assurance

  • Google - Most Translated Words

  • Turbotax Robo Child

  • Kia Telluride

  • Michelob Ultra

    It's Only Worth It If You Can Enjoy It
  • Alexa

    Not Everything Makes the Cut
  • Twilight Zone CBS All Access

    Technically not a commercial, but a really great CBS promo
  • Audi - Welcome Home

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