When you're a deer hunter, you always remember your first deer. There is nothing like that feeling when you finally get one. It's a memory you have for the rest of your life.

Congratulations to 14 year old Matthew Vizzi who took his first deer with a firearm on Saturday morning in Caneadea. Matthew and his dad Don were pretty excited about spending opening day together. Don was in a climbing stand just above his son who was sitting in my usual tree stand.

I was in Don's usual tree stand a few hundred yards away when I heard the shot about 11 o'clock. A beautiful 6 point buck came meandering through about 20 yards from the stand. Matthew fired one shot from his dad's 30.06 and the buck dropped in it's tracks. This is a memory that father and son will cherish for a lifetime. This is Matthew's first deer in gun season. He previously got his first archery deer and first turkey earlier this year.

I am very proud of Matthew and glad he is part of our deer hunting group at Shongo Valley Acres. If you or someone in your hunting group had success this weekend, please email your photos to:  johnlamond@wyrk.com

To all my hunting brothers and sisters, good luck and good hunting! And please be safe!



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