Remember when iPhones and iPods were first coming out and the phrase "there's and app for that" became popular?  There really is an app for just about everything these days.  It's making life so much easier!  So much so that kids aren't even going to have to think anymore to finish their math homework.

There's a new app called Photomath and it solves math problems instantly with a picture.  They call it the smart camera calculator but I'm afraid it just might make us a little dumber.  The app allows students to "take a picture" of a math problem and it will be solved instantly on the phone.  It even shows all the steps that it took to get to the answer.

It makes math easy and simple by educating users how to solve math problems.


Let's just be honest with each other here.  Will this app actually help to educate kids who use it or is it really a tool to help them cheat their way through their homework?  Kids want to finish their homework and move on to the next thing right?  The faster they get through the work, the faster they get back to the video games.

I'm not criticizing.  When I was a high school, I used to copy my friend's homework.  Heck, there was even a website that I would go to that would translate paragraphs from English to Spanish so that I could get through those too.  But doing neither of those things helped me learn.  It just helped to get my homework done faster.

While I think the app is incredible.  I also think it's not going to help kids learn at all.