School administrators are doing everything they can to celebrate their grads this year.  We've seen drive-ins getting used.  Could speedways be another graduation option?

That's what they chose to do at a Kentucky school to make sure their graduates were acknowledged for their accomplishments.

The school is Gallatin High School in Kentucky.  According to Fox19, the students were given the chance to take their own cars onto The Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky to take a "victory lap" as part of their graduation ceremony.

"We hope they stay on their desired track to see just how far they can go. From all of us at Kentucky Speedway – congratulations and best of luck,” Mark Simendinger, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Kentucky Speedway

It seems like a perfect solution.  The biggest problem is having people too close to each other.  So how do you solve that?  Give them space.  You could have an announcer announce them as they come around the track.  The parents could be in the stands cheering them on.

As I write this, I'm not sure who owns Ransomville Speedway or Holland Speedway or if they would even be open to anything like this.  But could they be options to do this locally?  Granted, they aren't nearly as big as the Kentucky Speedway, but should still provide enough space between spectators and graduates.

I mean...all the witty puns are there:

  • This is the way to set the students on the fast track to success.
  • Stay in your lane and find success in life.
  • This might be your victory lap in high school, but it's the first lap of your adult life...

It's just a thought.  I think that the students should have a fitting graduation ceremony.  Now, if we can just figure out how to have a socially distant prom....

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