How cool is George Jones?  He's so cool that he doesn't get caught up in all the wedding hoopla that many celebrities get caught up in.  He takes his bride to Burger King for their reception!  But I guess that could happen when it's your 4th marriage.

Many of the great men who have led this country were inaugurated on this day:  Washington (1793, his second term), Jefferson (1801, first inaugurated in Washington D.C.),  Jackson (1829), William Henry Harrison (1841), Lincoln (1861) Grover Cleveland (1893, his second non-consecutive term), Coolidge (1925), Franklin Roosevelt (1933).

  • In 1791      Vermont becomes the 14th U.S. state.
  • In 1793      The shortest inaugration speech (133 words) is given by George Washington, who is sworn in for his second term.
  • In 1841      The longest inaugration speech is given by William Henry Harrison.  (8443 words).
  • In 1952     Actor Ronald Regan marries actor Nancy Davis
  • In 1960      Actress Lucille Ball files for divorce from Desi Arnaz.
  • In 1967    Merle Haggard goes to #1 on the Billboard chart for the first time with "The Fugitive"
  • In 1980      "Coal Miner's Daughter," a film based on Loretta Lynn's life,  premieres in Nashville.
  • In 1983    George Jones marries Nancy Sepulveda at the home of his sister, Helen Scroggins, in Woodville, Texas. The newlyweds eat their wedding dinner at a Burger King in Jasper, Texas
  • In 1994      Actor John Candy dies of heart failure at age 43.
  • In 1996      Country comedian Minnie Pearl dies in Nashville, TN, at age 83.

  • In 2010Rascal Flatts has a guest role on CBS-TV's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." The script has bass player Jay DeMarcus electrocuted in the opening scene as the band plays "Unstoppable"