Every year, there is a road march that happens at Chesnut Ridge State Park to honor our fallen soldiers.  This year, there's a couple going that extra mile...or 300...

It's called the K.I.A. Memorial March and it's happening this weekend.  There are a couple different options that you can take part in.  There's the regular 10k roadmarch where participants carry weight while walking through the park. Then there's the challenge that involves the same walk, only it also includes 4 drill sargeant inspired challenges that you will attempt with your squad of 4.

Then there's the route that Linda Transki & Sean Patrick have chosen.  They're making a 300 mile trip from Albany to Buffalo and will finish their journey by taking part in the 10k Ruck Challenge.  Their trip will help to raise $50,000 for K.I.A. that will directly help support Veterans, their families & Veterans organizations in Western New York all while Honoring Our Fallen.

If you would like to help them reach their fundraising goal, you can make a donation to honor our fallen by clicking here.

The KIA Memorial March was started back in 2012 by SGM Jason Jaskula.  He wanted to find a way to honor the memory of his Battle Buddy, Christopher Dill. Chris, a Staff Sgt. in the United States Army Reserves as well as a Buffalo Firefighter, was Killed In Action (K.I.A.) while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom on April 4, 2005 in Diyala, Iraq.   He's been walking in memory of his friend every year since then and has since been joined by thousands of others.

I've been a part of this event in the past.  It is a well organized event and is an incredible way to remember our fallen soldiers.  If you would like to give it a try, make this the year you do it.  You can still get registered to take part.  But don't wait.  It's coming up this weekend.


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