New Erie County Impersonation Law
The law passed on Thursday unanimously and it's one that seems like a no-brainer. Erie County would become the second county in New York State to pass the law that would prohibit people from impersonating veterans, which has become a nationwide problem.
Air Squadron Delivers
Sometimes you come across a video on Facebook that you just have to share. I've seen members of the military jump from planes and in movies you even see elephants and vehicles come from planes.
However, seeing it in real life takes the experience to a different level...
Waiving Fees
Are you considering adopting a new pet?  If you are an active member of our military, the reserves, retired from the military or a service disabled veteran, the Erie County SPCA should be your first stop in the month of May.
What Do You Think?
This is not the first time that this has happened where we've seen a person either dressed as a member of the military family or wearing a medal or honor they never received on them. Apparently, though it is not a crime. As a matter of fact, according to the Constitution, it is free speech...

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