This is a scary study, but it makes sense.  An astonishing 71% of New Yorkers age 17-24 are ineligible for military service.

Yup.  Read that again.  71% are INELIGIBLE.  That means that even if they wanted to join to defend our nation, they couldn't.

This is according to an article published by Politico on the readiness of our nation.

There are multiple reasons why someone would be turned down.

1. Too poorly educated

2.  They are overweight or have other medical issues

3.  They have a criminal background

These are just a few of the big ones but are certainly not limited to these categories.

According to, it's a problem that continues across all states.  Recruitment has become a real issue.

While president Trump is hoping to beef up our military, recruiters are having a hard time finding Americans who are actually eligible to do it.

You can see the breakdown by state to see how other states compare by clicking here.

Ironically, citizens in the District of Columbia have the highest rate of ineligibility at 78%.


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